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Masters in Public Health

Duration Time
02 years (Full time) divided into four semesters

Ist Year (Ist and 2nd Semester)


   •  Basic human sciences
   •  Communicative English
   •  Computer application and medical development programme

2nd Year (3rd and 4th Semester)


   •  Social, Behavioral and Medical aspects of Public Health
   •  Epidemiology
   •  Epidemiology & Management of Communicable Diseases and Non-Communicable Diseases programs
   •  Biostatistics
   •  Population Sciences
   •  Women and Child Health and Gender Issues
   •  Health System & Policies in Public Health
   •  Ethics in Public Health
   •  Health Economics & Health Care Financing
   •  Environmental Health and Sustainable Development
   •  Nutrition and Food Safety in Public Health
   •  Health Communication and Behavior Change
   •  Communication
   •  Research Methodology
   •  Health Program Management
   •  Strategic Management
   •  Organization Behavior and Design
   •  Human Resource Development in Public Health
   •  Quality Assurance and Total Quality management
   •  Management Information and Evaluation System
   •  Social Entrepreneurship and marketing in public Health
   •  Epidemiology and prinicples of clinical research
   •  Drug discovery and development
   •  Ethics in clinical trials
   •  Drug safety and pharmacovigilence
   •  Statistics and Data Management for clinical research
   •  Designing of clinical trials
   •  Regulatory affairs in clinical research
   •  Management of clinical trials
   •  Revision and internal examination
   •  Project work /Dissertation
   •  Practical and demonstration will be done on the basis of theory

Eligibility: MBBS/B.Sc(B)with minimum 45% marks