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General Duty Assistant (GDA)

Duration Time
3 months

1st Month 

  • Introduction to the program 
  • Broad functions of a general duty assistant
  • Introduction to Human body 
  • Personal hygiene and professional behavior 
  • Biomedical waste management 
  • Emergency medical response 
  • Body Mechanics 
  • Positioning / transferring and mobility of patients 

2nd Month 

  • Consent Documentation and records 
  • Observing and reporting 
  • Patients, rights and environment 
  • Patients Basic care and needs
  • Elimination 
  • Bed making 
  • Fall Prevention 
  • Mortuary management 

3rd Month 

  • Special procedures 
  • Role of GDA in sanitation, Safety and first Aid 
  • Infection Control and prevention 
  • Institutional emergencies, fire safety and security 
  • Emergencies in Healthcare and response to patient call 
  • IT skills 
  • Soft Skill and Communication skills 
  • Employability and Entrepreneurship Skills
Eligibility:10th Pass