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This well-drafted Disclaimer is written to secure our students, institutional alliances, educators and training specialists, administrative staff, and institutes and companies engaged in paramedical sector, from all sorts of disputes, personal or reputational harms, monetary losses, and legal issues.

Though we have done our best to make the contents of ours this website, perfectly accurate, indisputably unique, and completely flawless, there might be present some accidental mistakes or slight or partial similarity of its literary or graphical contents with the contents given in the websites of other educational institutes. These mistakes could be in forms of grammatical errors, misprinting, omissions, presentation of information, or past data, and so on. And, the similarities of its contents related with website-configuration, literary information, or graphical presentation, might occur just adventitiously. Therefore, for all such unintentional mistakes or similarities, our institute is not at all responsible. Students, institutes, or companies, who ever take any decisions or actions based on the informational contents given in ours this website, will be solely accountable for their respective harms and losses. They are kindly advised to verify the facts or matters given in this website with responsible support of industry experts and reliable sources, well before taking any significant decision or action. Also, our institute is not liable for any damages or losses occurring to our visitors, who make business dealings or financial transactions with the websites whose web-links may ever be found on any web-pages of this website.

Again, our well-accredited paramedical college is free to take any decisions, alterations, or actions on its own discretion in connection with its paramedical courses and trainings, contents of its website, tuitions fees, administration and management, rules and regulations, etc., with a view to make these better and maximally beneficial. To know more about our institution, its courses, and our terms & conditions, and privacy policies, please bother to refer to our 'Privacy Policy' and 'Terms & Conditions'.